• Rob Floutier

Small business vs Global Pandemic..... FIGHT!

Yearssss ago, much like my older brother would do when I tried to leave a trapped bathroom (where I was held hostage) following me winding him up, every time I try and write a post, thinking everything is nearly over, covid knocks on the door again. Just to remind me it's sticking about and not to leave the bathroom.

So having had the day off I thought i'd write a short post to provide some insight into what impact the pandemic has had on me personally and our business.

Aside from the very obvious drop in bookings and actual weddings, on the whole is has been largely manageable, which I appreciate isn't a great headline.

I won't speak on behalf of any other business, but we have coped largely due to being able to take on work elsewhere and couples having the bravery to reschedule their weddings, which I appreciate would have been an utter nightmare. With that said, it has had a different sort of impact!

Truth be told, i've always thought of myself as quite mentally tough, but have found the lack of social interaction quite jarring. I've been craving seeing people face to face and participating in the all the old social etiquettes, that it took me so long to understand and introduce in the first place. I read a bit about introverts and extroverts and boringly probably sit myself in the middle, I just know that since i've been let out again, i've enjoyed the challenged of talking to people.

For 95% of vendors working in the wedding industry, it is a pre-requisite to enjoy talking to people and interacting and this is where my post covid (albeit not yet) era issue arises. It has brought on a level of anxiety I haven't really experienced before and whilst it certainly doesn't stop me from attending/filming and enjoying the weddings, the days leading up to it are now more nerve racking than they usually are. Nerves are an important part of what I do, it shows I care and again, speaking for me, it shows I want the absolute best for the couples.

Segway into - Managing anxiety. I have alot more respect for people that suffer with anxiety and have stopped scoffing at people that say they suffer from it (I did used to scoff a little sadly). I think I can also thank society (probably some more than others) for allowing it to be a more acceptable conversation. I by no means feel like I suffer from 'anxiety' as a diagnosed illness, but I certainly understand a lot more the difference of

feeling anxious and having anxiety. In short, I try and manage it by being really well prepared and remembering that you can only do your best.

I often find it very difficult to follow my own advice, but for anyone out there that suffers a little or alot, my advice is to do the same. Talk to others about it (or me) and rationalise it as best you can and be brave. You can hold me to that.

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