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2020 - Momentum

How do you talk about the new year without people rolling their eyes? Good question. I'm an eye roller, I roll my eyes with the best of them.

I know my attitude should be, ' do you!' Whats the harm? It really 'is' a useful milestone to reset, recharge and begin again. The eye rolling is triggered by the consistently short lived results or the attempts to convince others that you've stuck at it (myself included, i've been a big culprit of this) a few months later.

With all that said, I wanted to talk about this year and give an insight into what a new year looks like within a small emerging business. I am pleased to report, bookings have come our way without any paid advertisement so far. With that said, I am not too proud to say, to grow the business I will be doing my research of that particular avenue and talking to others that have trodden that path. So keep an eye out!

I dont want to alarm the clients that have booked, but I have been able to highlight a good number of areas for improvement. I would hope that anyone reading this, would see this as a nod to the idea that you will never reach perfection, but if you keep striving, you'll get damn close.

Practically speaking, in 2020 I predict you will see... Drone footage... at some stage. How 'many' of these lovely slow cinematic shots, is harder to predict. Another major change will be lighting. As an outsider this isn't exactly a headline statement, but in reality, it will be a significant improvement to the low lighting offered in the large majority of the venues during the reception period.

Aside from physical things, it is about experience and being an ongoing student. I follow a number of acclaimed wedding videographers and find their work very inspiring. I want to lock down a few more signature shots, that are recognizable and really add something to the film.

This is where I would encourage my clients and anyone else that likes this stuff, to highlight things that really had an impact on them. For someone's work to stop you in your tracks is what we are all striving for.

So I've titled this post Momentum because I am going to keep going; watch, film, reflect, improve, repeat. I want to look back at this post in a few years and not see it as a turning point or a new years resolution, but as part of the slog that is establishing, running, maintaining and growing a small business. Good luck to you in 2020, in whatever form that takes.

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