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Frequently asked questions

These are our most frequently asked questions but if there is anything that is not listed that you would like to know, go to the contact tab in the top right and get in touch. 

Why isn't 4k standard - 

The size of the 4K video files are substantially bigger than HD, increasing the size of the memory cards as a result of that. It also requires a much more powerful machine to edit the footage on. Unless you planned to showcase your wedding film on a large projector, you are unlikely to notice much of a difference in picture quality on majority of TV's. With that said, we do offer 4k as an option, should you wish to future proof the video.

Can you film outside the Bucks Area -

Yes, we can go to most destinations across the UK. If you aren't based in bucks, we have the other options of calling or skyping you dependant on the distance for the consultation. In these cases, we try and ask a few more questions about your venue if we are not able to visit before your big day. With that said we like to make a point of visiting all our couples in person, where practical to do so.

What music can I choose - 

Although you can choose any song you want, you could not feasibly use a Beyoncé track as it would cost too much to licence. Given it is important to find the right song for the shots available, I would highly recommend leaving the music choices to the editor. This is not to say you cannot have input; we have a incredibly large and diverse library to choose from at , so think about going through and offering 3-5 song choices for us. 

Could you take a couple of photos too - 

How big are your cameras -

I am not at a professional standard and would need a 2nd pair of hands to realistically take photos as well as film. With that said, I can recommend a couple of photographers who I have worked with before and can vouch for the quality of their work.  

Compared to what you may traditionally think of as a video camera, the cameras we use are very small. This also goes for the other gear we use, it is all very compact. In the majority of cases we are tucked out the way, but to avoid being behind the guests and their camera phones, we position ourselves in important areas to capture the key moments. 

What camera do you use -

How do you record the sound - 

Our main camera is the Panasonic GH5 which can shoot HD and 4K respectively. We use a back up camera in the event that one fails (which hasn't happened once whilst I have been on a shoot) acting as an additional insurance policy. 

We use very subtle audio recorders that are placed either on the wedding party or placed in areas that can cover a wide field of sound. The microphones that we ask the groom (and sometimes the bride) to wear are called lapel mic's and are very small, roughly the size of a chunky credit card, so can be slipped in a pocket. Although it is possible to record the speeches and the vows without the lapel mic's, the quality of the alternative is limited, as it picks up much of the things you want to remove. However it remains your choice. 

How does the finished film get to us - 

Both packages are delivered in both online and offline options. This works by uploading your highlights video onto Vimeo which can be shared on your social media or emailed to relatives. The offline option comes in the form of a memory stick that you can plug into your television or computer. If you like a traditional DVD, we offer this as an option too.  

How and when would we have to pay - 

Do you need permission to film - 

A deposit of 20% is taken to secure the date. Then the remainder of the payment needs to be taken no later than 2 weeks from the date of the wedding itself. Obviously if you would like to get it out the way before hand this is not a problem. Payment can be made by cash or balance transfer. 

Permission (and sometimes a fee) is required from a large number of ceremony venues and a small number of reception venues will also require permission. It is worth discussing this with the celebrant and organiser before putting a deposit down. With respect to the guests, they can obviously opt out but it is safest to let them know that the wedding will be filmed to avoid any issue during editing. 

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